5-Year Static Starter DELUXE Service Package

  • Includes all items listed within the 5-Year Service Package w/ continuing engineering field service support,

  • Perform manufacturer's recommended maintenance inspection of all 89SS, 89MD, 89TS, and/or
    89ND static start high-voltage disconnect switches directly associated with the static starter system

  • Clean, lubricate, & adjust all high-voltage joints and terminals on the associated static starter disconnect

  • Clean, lubricate, & adjust all motor drive assemblies for the associated static starter disconnect switches

  • Functionally test and adjust all associated static starter high-voltage disconnect limit switches
    providing vital status feedbacks to the turbine control system, switch drive assembly, static starter,
    and system electrical safety interlocks

  • Eliminate all overtime charges on extra work and emergency technical services
    with our standard FLAT hourly rates.

    Save even more money on hourly extra work and technical services
    with each active service package added to a power plant.

    Plus, reduce unknown and costly site travel charges with our LOW fixed-price roundtrip travel rates.
    Or, completely eliminate all service call travel expenses with the purchase of any service package.

    Easily cut your current technical service expenses by 55% or more!