5-Year Generator Excitation Service Package

  • Thermal imaging inspection performed while the exciter is in operation

  • Clean internal system components and vacuum internal compartments

  • Replace all disposable excitation bridge filters and clean all permanent exciter filters

  • Inspect, clean, adjust, and test rotating brushless exciter components, if applicable

  • Inspect carbon brushes and brush rigging assembly, if applicable

  • If original equipment buswork and cabling allows, reverse the generator's field polarity per
    manufacturer's recommendations

  • Polish the generator's collector ring and establishes a new carbon film

  • Inspect all DC contactors (Primary, Back-Up, and Field Flashing)

  • Replace and adjust all auxiliary status contacts for the exciter's DC contactors
    (Primary, Back-Up, and Field Flashing)

  • Torque all connected field cabling bolts and verify the integrity of the local field wiring terminations

  • Functionally check the external trip circuits coming from and going to the exciter

  • Test all power bridge and rotating exciter SCR's, diodes, windings, capacitors, filter networks,
    suppression circuits, and fuses

  • Test the generator field insulation integrity and polarization index

  • Verify all power supply outputs are within manufacturer's specifications

  • Calibrate the field voltage, field current, and generator voltage regulator feedback signals

  • Clean, align, calibrate, and functionally test the generator field ground detection relay

  • Perform operational offline (FSNL) excitation system functional tests and regulator response
    step tests

  • Perform operational online excitation system functional tests, Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)
    step tests, transient gain tests, and system impedance tests

  • If equipped, perform functional Power System Stabilizer (PSS) response tests

  • Provide an excitation system limiter & protection settings coordination study [Volts-Per-Hertz (24),
    Overvoltage (59), OEL, UEL, etc.] to verify and document that the exciter is properly coordinated
    with the generator protection relays and report all recommended changes for further review

  • Verify and report all logic and settings changes

  • Report all component replacement recommendations

  • Detailed report of all calibrations, tests results, trend recordings, raw data, and excitation system
    operational limits & protection settings

  • Provides for excitation system operational verification before leaving the site

  • Includes 12-months of engineering field service support at no additional charge covering any
    operational issues, diagnostic alarms, process alarms, or faults generated by the generator
    excitation control system covered under this service package

  • Transferable with the sale of the power plant or an O&M transition

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