Generator Excitation System NERC Compliance Support

  • Perform all of the NERC, North American Electric Reliability Corporation, and local council
    (SERC, FRCC, RFC, ERCOT-TRE, SPP-RE, NPCC, MRO, and WECC) required generator
    excitation system 5-year validation testing and reporting, including . . .

  • Provide an excitation system limiter & protection settings coordination study [Volts-Per-Hertz (24),
    Overvoltage (59), OEL, UEL, etc.] to verify and document that the exciter is properly coordinated
    with the generator protection relays

  • Test generator characteristics including synchronous, transient, subsynchronous, reactance, and
    reactive capability curves as required and verified by test data

  • Prove the excitation system site-specific design model with data validation by functional testing

  • Perform operational offline (FSNL) excitation system functional tests and regulator response
    step tests

  • Perform operational online excitation system functional tests, automatic voltage regulator (AVR)
    step tests, transient gain tests, load rejection tests if required, generator characteristics
    tests, and system impedance tests

  • If equipped, perform functional Power System Stabilizer (PSS) response tests

  • Document and verify all operational excitation limiters

  • Report all component replacement recommendations

  • Detailed report of all raw data, trend recordings, test results, and excitation system
    operational limits & protection settings

  • 40% discount off of this testing & documentation service package if performed in conjunction
    with the 5-Year Interval Generator Excitation Preventive Maintenance Service Package.

  • Discounted Field Engineering Specialist rates during the service period
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