Power System Stabilizer (PSS) Option

  • Install all required hardware and software to retrofit a new Power System Stabilizer (PSS)
    to an existing digital excitation system

  • Provide a PSS system status and control interface

  • Perform a site-specific power systems stability study to support the new PSS system
    design settings

  • Fully commission the PSS system and perform functional online PSS tests

  • Detailed report of all calibrations, tests results, trend recordings, and PSS functionality

  • Provide a 4-hour training session to help management, Operators, and Technicians to better
    understand their new PSS system and its operation

  • Meets all NERC, SERC, FRCC, RFC, ERCOT, SPP, NPCC, MRO, and WECC requirements
    and guidelines for an operational Power System Stabilizer (PSS) to be installed on your power
    plant's digital excitation system