LCI 89SS, 89ND, 89TS, & 89MD Switch Retrofit Solutions

    Our retrofit solution applies to both older analog and newer digital Load
    Commutated Inverter (LCI) systems, as well as other static starters used
    for starting gas turbines:

  • Our integrated switch solution is nearly maintenance-free, with a lifetime rating of 50,000 operations
    . . . That's a lot of start-ups!

  • The problematic standard OEM switches require major maintenance every 50 ~ 250 operations, in addition
    to their numerous design flaws, resulting in countless failed gas turbine start-up attempts across the fleet

  • Not only do we upgrade the switch controls, but we attack the root cause of the switch failures by
    replacing the obsolete hardware with new highly reliable static starter switches

  • The standard OEM switch problems extend beyond their controls issues and deep into their unreliable
    hardware flaws. Simply moving the problematic control wiring and fuses to a more accessible location
    is not enough. We replace both the switch controls and the hardware, fixing the root cause of the
    problems and dramatically increasing your startup reliability

  • Our retrofits include hardware of equal or better ratings for the connected power generation system,
    fulfilling standard NFPA-70 NEC codes and surpassing OEM requirements

  • The vast majority of the existing installations in service today are using substandard rated switches
    and cabling, stressing their safety factors to the limits
    . . . 15-kV, 6-kV, & 5-kV rated switches and cabling have no business being installed directly
          connected to an online 18-kV generator, which you depend on for personnel safety and power
          generation profitability

  • Our solution is simple with an epoxy-sealed single primary moving component, proven extremely reliable,
    even in harsh environments

  • The problematic standard OEM switch involves gears that jam, bicycle chains that break, a drill motor
    (with the handle cut off, need I say more), shear pins (yes, pins designed to break under light stress
    hidden within the switch), metal bearings that wear, multiple points requiring extensive high-voltage lubrication,
    low-voltage control power fuses that fail hidden within the high-voltage assembly, failing open-air exposed
    limit switches, and the list goes on . . .

  • Our switching solution can be configured to supply safe ground-level access for quickly and easily
    racking out the switch from the static starter circuit
    . . . Finally, easy lockout/tagout to prevent static start potential and isolate individual units

  • An optional Ground & Test module can also be supplied to allow easy and secure grounding of the
    generator, iso phase bus, and LCI
    . . . while adding a safe test location for easily meggering the generator when needed

  • The OEM’s labor-intensive switch maintenance and unpredictable switch failures lead to lockout / tagout
    of the generator, which makes the power plant unavailable for operation, many times an entire shift or
    more for maintenance or repairs, with startup penalties and lost revenues costing far more than the
    respective lower-cost of implementing our reliability retrofit solution just once

  • Retrofit solutions are available covering one or all of the following:

    • 89SS Static Starter Disconnect Switches - ground level or inside the Generator Terminal Enclosure (GTE);

    • 89ND Generator Neutral Disconnect Switches - ground level or inside the Generator Terminal Enclosure (GTE);

    • 89TS Transfer Tie Switches - used in LCI crossover circuits;

    • 89MD Main Disconnect Switches - also used in LCI crossover circuits; and

    • LCI crossover panel solutions with switch installations, allowing redundancy for either of your LCI's to start
      any gas turbine, or even multiple gas turbines at once

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