Generator Excitation Systems

Site-Specific 3-Day Onsite Training Course

(Class Size: 4 minimum ~ 12 maximum per session)

The course is designed to strengthen vital generator excitation control system troubleshooting skills and familiarize plant personnel with the powerful inner workings of their specific excitation system. Experience real world scenarios that take you from an alarm, to the software generating the alarm, to the logic behind it, and out to the actual device in the field. Learn to use the vital communications tools needed to more confidently operate, maintain, and troubleshoot your excitation system.

All course participants will be provided with physical equipment communication cables and site-specific training & reference material electronically on CD, DVD, or USB. Lunch and refreshments will also be supplied onsite for the course participants each day by Bayside Power Systems.

The course is conducted onsite at your convenience, saving travel expenses and allowing us to focus on your exciter's particular configuration and your individual needs.

3-Day Course Outline:

  • Introduction & Basic Excitation Principles

  • Communications Cables

  • System Components & Auxiliaries

  • Site-Specific Communications Network  (Lab/Classroom)

  • Site-Specific Configuration Overview  (Lab/Classroom)

  • Operator & Maintenance Interfaces  (Lab/Classroom)

  • The Software Interface Programs  (Lab/Classroom)

  • Typical Software / Calibration Changes  (Lab/Classroom)

  • Logic Forcing  (Lab/Classroom)

  • Software-to-Hardware Downloading  (Lab/Classroom)

  • Offline / Online Component Replacement  (Lab/Classroom)

  • Faults & Alarms - What You Need To Know

  • Faults & Alarms Troubleshooting Examples  (Lab/Classroom)

  • Triggered & Manual Data Recording  (Lab/Classroom)

  • Generator Field Grounds & Troubleshooting  (Lab/Classroom)

  • Advanced System Troubleshooting Examples  (Lab/Classroom)

  • Open Questions & Answers Session

  • Short Open Book Test

  • Site-Specific System & Auxiliaries Reference Documents

PROMOTIONAL OFFER:   Schedule your excitation system training & static starter system training with 10 or more participants during the same week and receive a FREE new excitation & static starter configured laptop, provided for
use by plant personnel during and after the training  {at no additional charge}.