Onsite Training

Generator Excitation Systems
Need a better grasp of your generator's control system? Need the right communication tools and processes at your fingertips? Look no further!

Our generator excitation controls specialists gear the training to your site-specific configuration and needs. Give yourself the competitive edge in today's market.
Gas Turbine Static Starter Systems
Frequent and unpredictable starts? Cryptic static starter system alarms holding up the show? Again, look no further!

Our specialists will walk you through the equipment inside of the box, troubleshooting typical alarms, and understanding the logic behind the scenes.
- Gas Turbine Controls -
Haven't found a training program that gives you that warm & fuzzy feeling while working around your equipment? Look
no further!

Know your potential and your turbine control system's limitations ahead of time. An eye-opening course for anyone operating and maintaining a power plant.